Selling your home is an exciting time.  It is the largest single investment for most Americans, so it is understandably vital to get an accurate estimate before putting your home on the market. 

The Memphis area market is so hot, that it is difficult to keep up with the rise, and rise, and rise in home values.  Everywhere from downtown, midtown, east Memphis, Bartlett, Germantown, Collierville, and everywhere else is seeing a continual rise in home values.  It is a great time to sell your home for max value.  The flip side, is that you would be possibly be buying a new home at max value as well.  

There are solid online resources to provide estimate values prior to even speaking with a actual human, but it is highly recommended to discuss your home with a certified realtor.  Realtors should be more famliar with specific neighborhoods and analyze home values that include FSBOs, condition of comparable sales, etc.  Comparable homes matter.  Layout of the home, updates, neighbors, landscaping, maintenance, and uniqueness all should be considered in the home valuation for a most accurate estimate.